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October 27, 2009 -

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Optional Courses Basic Courses Main Courses General Courses Technical Courses Technical Courses Electronics Lab. II Electronics III Modern Physics Electronics Physics Pulse Technique Pulse Technique Lab Communication Circuits Communication Circuits Lab Computer Components Computer Architecture Lab Microprocessors Microprocessors Lab Electronics Lab III Project Electrical Machines Lab II Industrial Electronics Microcomputers Electrical Machines III Power Systems Analysis II Power Gen. & Powerplants Isolators Power Relays& Protection Special Electrical Machines Thermodynamics Isolators Lab Electronics Lab II Industrial Control Modern Control Digital Control Linear Algebra Fluid Mechanics Thermodynamics Industrial Electronics Industrial Electronics Lab Special Instruments Fundamentals of operation Research Microcomputer Basics General Courses Farsi Language English Language Islamic History Islamic Knowledge I Islamic Education & Ethics Physical Education I Islamic Knowledge II Physical Education II Islamic Revolution of Iran Islamic Texts Life Skills & Family Control Main Courses Electrical Workshop Technical English Industrial Drawing Engineering Mathematics Electrical Circuits I Electrical Circuits II Electrical Measurement Electrical Measurement Lab Electronics I Electronics Lab. I Electronics II Electrical Machines I Electrical Machines II Electrical Machine Lab. I Logic Circuits Logic Circuits Lab Linear Control Systems Linear Control Systems lab Signal & Systems Telecommunications I Power Systems Analysis I B.S Project Industrial Training Basic Courses Calculus I Calculus II Differential Equations Computer Programming Numerical Computation Methods Engineering Probability & Statistics Physics I Physics II Physics Lab I Physics Lab II General Workshop Optional Courses TV Systems Lab Electromagnetic Fields & Waves Industrial Control Industrial Control lab Electronics Measurement TV systems Special Topics in Electronics Telecommunication II Advanced Logical Circuits Filters & Circuit Synthesis Industrial Electronics Transmission Systems I Transport Systems I I Material Specifications Design & Analysis of Electronic Systems Controlling with Computers M.Sc. Courses Electrical Installations Electrical Drawings Power Systems Lab Relays & Protection Lab Special Machines Lab Industrial Electronics Lab Special Topics in Power Eng. Dynamics Material Specifications Engineering Economy Project Control Computer Control Electrical Generators Tech. Electrical Eng. Software Hospitals Electronic Workshop Technical Reporting Modern Physiscs M.Sc. Courses