Brief History

IUST's department of Electrical Engineering was established in 1928. Since 1972, the department has graduated 5639 B.Sc., 1684 M.Sc., and 91 Ph.D. students. 
The department of Electrical Engineering is currently divided into two separate buildings. The old site contains a library with over 8000 books, journals, and 2500 dissertations, a computer lab with over 100 active and running computers connected through two local networks, and more than 40 active research laboratories; the main building is made up of classrooms, faculty and staff offices, and an auditorium. The two buildings have an area of about 12,800 square meters.
This department currently has 51 faculty members, including seven professors, twenty-four associate professors, seventeen assistant professors, and three lecturers. Electronics, Communication, Power, Control, Bioelectrical Engineering, and Secure Communication are among the fields offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering.
In 2006, Iran's Ministry of Science, Research and Technology recognized the School of Electrical Engineering as the center of excellence in automation and power systems applications. 
IUST established the first Iranian Electronic Research Center and several specialized research groups with the help and cooperation of the Department of Electric Engineering faculty.
The department of Electric Engineering collaborates on research with the International Center on Power Engineering in Moscow, the Research Center for Electronic and Microelectronic Engineering in France, and Northumbria University in England.

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