Masoud Esmaili


  Iran University of Science and Technology

  Electrical Engineering Department

  Ph.D. Thesis Defense



  Congestion Management in Restructured Power Systems Considering Voltage and Angle Stability


  Congestion management in power markets plays a vital role in both the operation and the planning of transmission networks. In order to prevent blackouts, which are recently occurred in some deregulated power markets, it is essential to incorporate power system security into power market solutions. In this thesis, some novel methods are proposed to perform congestion management considering voltage and transient stability as the most prevalent stability problems. Using the effect of each individual generator or demand on the voltage stability margin or loading margin, a single-objective optimization problem is proposed for congestion management. The bids received from generation and demand sides are so adjusted that a sufficient level of voltage security is established after congestion management. Also, using this concept, the bids from participating parties in the congestion market are penalized according to their effect on the transient stability; then, congestion management is so done that an enough level of transient stability margin is retained. In addition, a multi-objective congestion management framework based on the e -constraint method is proposed in order to simultaneously establish an adequate level of voltage and transient stability margins while keeping the congestion management cost at a minimum value. Moreover, a new version of the e -constraint method is introduced; it results in a higher preference for Pareto optimal solutions because of considering the relative importance of objective functions in Pareto optimal solutions. In the next stage, the proposed methods for congestion management considering voltage and transient stability are implemented in the stochastic framework using Monte-Carlo Simulation in order to get more realistic solutions compared with deterministic solutions. All proposed methods are tested on a well-known test system and obtained results are thoroughly discussed and compared with those of previous methods.

  By: Masoud Esmaili

  Supervisor: Dr. Heidarali Shayanfar

  Advisor: Dr. Nima Amjady

  Reviewers: Dr. S. Jadid, Dr. M. Kalantar, Mr. A. Kazemi, Dr. M. ParsaMoghadam, Dr. A. Rahimikiyan

  Date: Saturday, 1388.12.15 Time: 7:30 AM – 10:00 AM

  Place: Seminar saloon, Electrical Engineering Department



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