Linear Control Systems

Outline Syllabus:

  • Applications of feedback
  • Modeling of feedback systems
  • Definitions of stability
  • Transfer functions F(s)
  • Zero and poles of transfer functions and their representations in the coordinate systems (S plane)
  • Criteria of system efficiency in transient and stable states
  • Kinds of systems
  • Servo-mechanisms
  • Controllers (such as O, PI, PD, PID)
  • Investigation of the stability of a system by the methods of root locus and Hurwitz
  • Extended fractions
  • Frequency response and Bode diagram
  • Polar diagrams and Nyquist criterion
  • Nichols diagram
  • M curves and their applications
  • Approximate methods for the reduction of high order systems
  • State space
  • Control system design and compensators
  • Analog modeling

Credits: 3


  • Electric circuits II
  • Electric machines I


  • None

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