Alireza Saberkari


  Electrical Engineering Department

  Ph.D. Thesis Defense


  Design and Simulation of a Single-Chip CMOS RF Transmitter for Wireless Communications with DCS1800 Standard


  In recent years, demand for wireless communication systems has been increased, tremendously and many types of mobile communication devices have been introduced in which transceivers are used as a main hardware. There are some significant challenges to use CMOS technology in designing radio frequency RF circuits that require finding new techniques at both the circuit and architectural level. On the other hand to prolong the battery life, low power and low voltage RF circuits should be utilized. In this thesis, design of the IF and RF mixers and also power control block of a transmitter is done, while enabling single chip integration, high performance, and also low voltage and low power operation.

  In this research a low voltage IF mixer with inherent harmonic rejection is designed by changing the structure of the mixer and also utilizing the harmonic rejection logic. Also, a low voltage highly linear image rejection RF mixer is designed. In addition, a new method based on the current steering approach is used to connect the IF and RF mixers that helps to improve the system linearity even at low supply voltage. The transmitter architecture based on these mixers is presented while provides single chip integration and high performance in CMOS technology. Also, a fast transient and high regulation low-dropout (LDO) regulator based on the current feedback amplifier is designed to control the output power of RF switching power amplifier according to the timing mask requirement of DCS1800 standard and also provide the supply voltage of mixers for rejecting their power supply ripple.

  The proposed circuits of IF and RF mixers and also LDO regulator are designed and simulated by Cadence in AMS 0.35 µ m CMOS process. The comparisons between performance of the proposed circuits with the most recently published works show better performance of the proposed circuits while consume less power.

  Student: Alireza Saberkari

  Supervisor: Dr. Baradaran Shokouhi

  Advisor: Dr. Abrishamifar

  Referees: Dr. Azhari; Dr. Mirzakouchaki; Dr. Sadr; Dr. Afzali-Kousha; Dr. Hashemipour

  Date: Wednesday 3/2/2010

  Time: 10:30 AM

  Class No. 206, Faculty of Electrical Engineering




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