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Outline Syllabus:

  • Microprocessor and its components
  • Registers
  • Control units
  • Address and data buses
  • Memories (ROM, RAM, EPROM, ...)
  • Assembly language
  • Analysis of a processing unit
  • Methods of connection of interface units (I/O) to microcomputers (such as polling, interrupt)
  • Priority and its execution (interrupt, daisychain such as interrupt- nonmaskable vector)
  • Data transmission from processor to I/O and reverse direction in parallel and series schemes through interface IC's (such as PIO and STO in Z-80)
  • Direct link of I/O with memory such as 8-bit microprocessors such as 6800, 8080, 8085 and Z-80 and their comparison
  • Study of 16-bit microprocessors such as Z-8000, MC6800, 8086 and their comparison with 80bit microprocessors
  • Standard buses such as RS-232, RS-482 and IEEE-488

Credits: 3


  • Computer Organization


  • None
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