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Electronics Measurement

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Outline Syllabus:

  • Concepts and importance of electrical measurements
  • Primary definitions
  • Components of measurement systems
  • Errors and error analysis
  • Classification of measurement equipment
  • Ordinary oscilloscope
  • Recorders
  • Analog measuring equipment (with permanent magnets, moving coils, moving soft iron, electrodynamics, inductive ferrodynamic, electrostatic)
  • DC/AC ammeters and voltmeters
  • Methods of measuring very low and very high values of voltage and current
  • Measuring equipment with multipliers
  • Single and three phase, active and reactive power meters
  • Measurement of resistance, capacitance and inductance
  • Q meters
  • Bridges
  • Transducers
  • Digital measuring equipment

Credits: 3


  • Electric Circuits I


  • None
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