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Industrial Control

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Outline Syllabus:

  • Industrial processes
  • Linearization of nonlinear differential equations
  • Experimental determination of process characteristics
  • First degree transfer function of processes with delay
  • Process modeling with a single time constant and a single delay
  • Modeling of processes with double time constants and delay
  • Liquid processes (elevation control, flow control, pressure control, stirring tank process, mixing, heat exchange, generation of electricity, industrial examples)
  • Rolling processes (thickness control, tension control)
  • Various control system (aero planes, ships, guided objects)
  • Building controllers
  • Wind controllers such as DIP,
  • Electronics controllers of DIP
  • Two state controllers
  • Regulators (such as IAE-ISB, ZN-ITAE)
  • Regulators for simple processes
  • Analysis of two-state controllers
  • Direct control of processes by computers such as DDC
  • Examples of industrial control in chemical, cement and steel industries

Credits: 3


  • Linear Control Systems


  • None
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