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Industrial Drawing

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Outline Syllabus:

  • Introduction to the inception of industrial drawing and its applications
  • Definition of projection
  • Drawing of projections and pictures
  • Point, lines, objects on picture plane
  • Principle picture planes
  • Drawing of three projections
  • Geometrical relations among projections
  • Drawing instruments
  • Standard sizes of drafting papers
  • Types of lines and their applications
  • Drawing legends
  • Methods of drawing three projections of an object
  • Front view, side view, top view and method of drawing six projections of an object
  • Letters and number used in writting sizes
  • Drawing a projection of an object by its known projections by the method of identifying surfaces and volumes
  • Definition of section
  • Simple sections (symmetrical and unsymmetrical)
  • Broken-out section (radial and inline)
  • Full section, half section, rotated section, removed section and exceptional sections
  • Pictorial drawing and its applications
  • Orthographic projection
  • Isometric projection
  • Diametric projection
  • Trimetric projection
  • Oblique projection
  • Cavalier projection
  • Cabinet projection

Credits: 1


  • None


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