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1- Faculty profile

Family Name: Jamali

First Name: Sadegh

• Title: 

Contact imformation:

Tel: Fax: URL:

Email : sjamali(At)

2- Higher Education

B. Sc. 1980, Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

M. Sc. 1986, Electrical Engineering, UMIST, Manchester, England

Ph. D. 1990, Electrical Engineering, City University, London, England

3- Expertise

  1. Power System Protection

  2. Electricity Distribution Networks

  3. Fault Location in Transmission and Distribution systems

4- Taught Couses

  1. Electric Circuits

  2. Power System Analysis

  3. Power System Protection

  4. Advanced Power System Protection

  5. Electricity Distribution Network

5- Research and Industrial Projects:

  • Implement of Controller of induction motor

6- Journal Papers :

7- Confrence papers:

  • "Power Transmission in 2020", 1st. prize winner in the ABB Brainpower Competition, 3-6 Sep. 2000, Interlaken, Switzerland.

  • "Assessing recursive solution of the variable-window algorithm for digital distance protection", International Journal of Engineering Sciences, IUST, No.5, Vol.11, Fall 2000, pp.145-156.

8- Books:

  1. Power System Protection (in Farsi)

  2. Digital Protection and Signalling (Translation)

  3. Protection of Industrial Power Systems (Translation)

9- Professional Activities

10- Technical Report :

  1. Member of Institution of Electrical Engineers (MIEE)

  2. Charted Engineer (CEng) in the United Kingdom

  3. IEE Council Representation in Iran

11- Postgraduate Projects:

  • Intelligent Protection for Fars Regional Power Company

  • Design & Hardware implementation of a fault locator for transmission lines

12- Honors, Recognition and Outstanding Achievements for Teaching and Research:

13- Research Labs:

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