Mahdi Rajabi


Electrical Engineering Department

PhD Thesis Defense Session


Improvement of TLM Algorithm Frequency Response in Microstrip Discontinuities and Metamaterials

The design of high performance electronic components and systems such as waveguide structures, digital systems interfaces and connections, RF circuits and systems requires careful attention to physical modeling. In this way, the intrinsic physical inherent limitations of implementation processes can be accounted for, and adverse effects such as substrate coupling, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and metallic edges effects can be minimized. A high degree of physical fidelity of the models is necessary and can only be achieved by detailed analysis employing electromagnetic field solvers. The time domain Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) method has proven to be a powerful tool for solving electromagnetic field problems and has been successfully applied to the analysis of various complicated planar and general three-dimensional structures.
The design of complex systems operating at high frequencies requires that the design and analysis tools can handle circuit and field analysis at the same time since the design system may include a combination of lumped circuits, transmission line components such as couplers, power dividers, interconnections, and waveguide components that may contain field singularities due to metallic sharp edges or corners. The field analysis of such a hybrid system is a difficult task for a space and time discrete numerical method like FDTD or TLM method. Existence of field singularities, complex media and materials such as dispersive materials, metamaterials and ferrite is one of the main problems in using such methods to simulate the desired structures. What is intended in this project is to efficiently eliminate the effects of singularities while increasing the accuracy of results without any additional computational cost. In addition, the ability to simulate dispersive materials and complex structures such as metamaterials using TLM algorithm is another main objectives of this project.

Ph.D. Candidate : Mahdi Rajabi
Supervisor : Dr. Nader Komjani
Examining Committee : Prof. Hojjat Kashani, Prof. Orazi, Dr. Khalaj Amirhoseini, Prof. Rashed Mohasel, Prof. Forooraghi

Date: 2012/3/14 Wednesday
Location: Ebnesina Conference Hall, Electrical Engineering Faculty

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