Roshanak Rezaeipour


Electrical Engineering Department

PhD Thesis Defense Session


Modeling  And Allocation of RHFC as a New Member of FACTS Devices for Static Study

Steady-state and dynamic power-flow control, particularly under heavily loaded system conditions, is an indispensable operational requirement for an interconnected power system. One of the most conventional FACTS devices used to control and transfer the power through certain paths is Phase Shifting Transformer (PST) but it is only more effective to control steady-state power control because of its large time constant. Rotary Hybrid Flow Controller (RHFC) as a new member of  Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) controllers  is formed of combination of RPST and other power flow controllers for providing dynamic power flow control. This thesis describes the steady state single phase equivalent circuit and P-Q operational characteristics of RHFC based on power injection model. However OPF makes an objective function to be optimal in the network but it causes other objectives diverge from their optimal value. Therefore, it has been made most of multiobjective optimal power flow to fix all of function in admitting limits from their optimal value. The optimal location and setting of RHFC incorporated in Optimal Power Flow (OPF) problem are found to optimize the total fuel cost, power losses, system loadability in the IEEE 14-, 30- and 118-bus test systems. Furthermore, the results obtained by these devices have been compared to that of PST, HFC  and UPFC. The optimization problem is solved in MATLAB and GAMS softwares using Non Linear Programming (NLP) and Mixed Integer Non Linear Programming (MINLP) as solution procedures. Simulation results show that RHFC has  desirable operation in technical and economical point of views.

Student: Roshanak  Rezaeipour

Supervisor: Mr. Ahad Kazemi
Committee Judges: Mr. Jalali, Mr. Kalantar, Mr. Arab Khabouri, Mr. Golkar, Mr. Shayeghi

Day: Jan. 31, 13:00 Afternoon
Class: 305

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