Mostafa Shahnazari


Electrical Engineering Department

PhD Thesis Defense Session


Modeling and Parameter Identification of Brushless Synchronous Generator

In this Thesis, a new average modeling approach for brushless excitation system with improved dynamics was developed using mathematical derivation method. Using an efficient VBR model of the generator and taking into account the dynamics of a variable excitation current during the averaging period are the main features of the presented
model. Moreover, the analytic nature of this model makes it suitable for analysis of variable frequency systems as well as control and identification purposes.
The proposed model simulation results compared with laboratory tests and experimental studies carried out in an actual power plant confirm the validity of the suggested model in steady state and transient operation. The developed excitation system model is an appropriate model for large disturbance simulations and transient stability studies, where a computationally efficient exciter representation is necessary.

By: Mostafa Shahnazari

Supervisor: Dr. Abolfazl Vahedi

Referees boards: Prof. Lesani, Prof. Milimonfared,
Dr. Shahrtash, Dr. Jalilian, Dr. Arab Khaburi

Date: Sunday 13 Nov. 2011   Time: 15:00

Room: Class 301, Department of Electrical Engineering

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