Ali Abdolali


   Iran University of Science and Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering
DEFENCE SESSION OF Ph.D. Dissertation 396


  Radar Cross Section Reduction by Metamaterials

  Metamaterials have been recently the subject of intensive research. We investigate the applicability of nondispersive and dispersive metamaterials for the reduction (or increasing) of the radar cross section. The addition theorems for the multilayered structures are used for the EM wave analysis. As a result, a new class of radar absorbing materials (RAM) are obtained by the application of DPS,DNG, MNG,ENG metamaterials in the ultra wide band and a wide interval of incident angles and for arbitrary polarization. Exact mathematical formulation for the design of new reflectionless structures and their notable applications are derived. We prove several interesting theorems for the reflection and transmission coefficients for the planar multilayered metamaterial structures. These theorems reveal some type of duality between DPS and DNG media and also between ENG and MNG media. Then we introduce a new class of materials called double zero metamaterials (DZR) and investigate the applications of double zero (DZR) metamaterials as radar absorbing materials. In addition several new applications for multilayer metamaterial structures are obtained, like radar cross section reduction, invisibility, directive scattering, metamaterial hat, etc. Finally, propagation, reflection and transmission of electromagnetic waves in isotropic and anisotropic multilayer structures are investigated.


  Ali Abdolali


  Dr. Homayoon Oraizi

  Jury members:

  Dr. Farokh Hojjat Kashani

  Dr. Ahmad Cheldavi

  Dr. Ahad Tavakoli

  Dr. Mohammad Hakkak

  Dr. Asghar Keshtkar

  March 2010

  Date : 2010/MARCH/13 Saturday

  Conference Room- Department of Electrical Engineering


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